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Daydreams is an nft collection brought to life by Tokyo based illustrator Taisei.

Daydreams represents the moments inbetween moments. Dream-like glimpses into other worlds, times, and places. These are moments to enjoy and lean into. Moments of great creativity, happiness, contentment, or escapism.

Welcome to Daydreams.




Taisei is an illustrator based out of Iwate, Tokyo. He started posting on Instagram in 2020 and has since done ~400 portraits and corporate projects. He mainly draws "people x fashion" with simple lines.


Creative & Engineering

Oriku is a multidisciplinary blockchain creative studio in Tokyo. Three core members are apart of Daydreams. Kappa, former san francisco based software engineer now full time web3. Missippi, 8 years of marketing experience and passionate about web3 community development. And Coppe, head of communication design at a firm in Tokyo.


Daydreams is an art project.

Collect and participate if you enjoy it.

The average daydream is about fourteen seconds long and we have about two thousand of them per day. In other words, we spend about half of our waking hours one-third of our lives on earth spinning fantasies.

Jonathan Gottschall

Daydreams by Taisei.
Designed in Tokyo, Japan.